Lavender Passions – Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

Lavender Passions – Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

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Sara & Kevin :: Wedding, London

Wedding Photography of Sara and Kevin in London

A simple but romantic wedding. Speical thanks to London Fire Brigade and wish Sara and Kevin a happy life together!

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Hong & Duy :: Wedding, london

Wedding Photography of Hong and Duy in London

After picking up the Bride Hong from her house, we went to the Regent’s Park in central London for some outdoor Pre-wedding shoot. The Regent’s Park is the largest grass area for sports in Central London and offers a wide variety of activities – one of the most poplar parks in London for Londoners and tourists. Afterwards we headed to the restaurant I-Ban located in east London near the riverside to celebrate the wedding in a traditional Chinese way.

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Julia & Robert :: Wedding, London

Wedding Photography of Tania and Robert in London

Very nice and good looking couple, it was great pleasure to be part of the wedding and record the love and happiness between them using our photographic skills. Wish them all the best in their lives!!

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Yaso & Aravinth :: Brent Town Hall, Middlesex

Wedding Photography of Yaso and Aravinth in Brent Town Hall, Middlesex

Yaso and Aravinth got merried at Brent Town Hall where there is a lovely marriage garden ideal for wedding photography, then headed back to a restaurant filled with traditions and happiness to celebrate their matrimony with friends and families!

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Au & Ice :: Pre-wedding, London

Pre-wedding shoot of Au & Ice in London



Very pretty and nice Thai couple who wished to have their memories and love forever remained in this great City of London.


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HOT! 2012 London Olympic Wedding

2012 London Olympic Wedding

——-Olympic Wedding, Forever Memories

In 2012, the eyes of the world have once again focused in London with the thirtieth Olympic Games and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II on the go. These have made the profoundly rich cultural City once again blooming with vigor. People around the world are eager to learn more about the City, explore its wonders and appreciate the mixture of classic and fashion the City presents. Owin Studio has now called upon six pairs of Brides and Grooms to come to London to hold an Olympic collective wedding, and to explore the British culture and history and promote the traditional Chinese culture at the same time. This will no doubt give you the once a life time opportunity to have a most unforgettable memory in life. To participate in this special wedding, watch the Olympic Games in London and visit England, it will prove to be an unduplicable perfect mixture of cultural and Olympic feast for you. We believe this meaningful and creative event will definitely draw the English and Chinese mainstream media’s attention.

Organised by: Owin studio

Theme: Olympic Wedding, Forever Memories

Date: June 6, 2012

Venue: London, UK

To register, please contact Owin Studio:, Tel: 020 7924 9880, Mob: 07838 019 660.

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Shu – Love in the Air :: Pre-wedding, London

Pre-wedding shoot of Shu in London – Love in the Air

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Mary & Duc :: Wedding, London

Wedding Photography of Mary &  Duc in London

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Sherley :: Pre-wedding, London

Pre-wedding shoot of Sherley in London

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